Big Data City

Big Data City is a photobook project.

Semih Dogan is a scientist. His work consists of deciphering the human genome. This giant molecule that is DNA is made of 4 elementary units, the nucleotides (named A, C, G and T). The ordered arrangement of these nucleotides is called sequence. Our genome contains approximately 3 billion nucleotides. The amount of information generated during the reading of the genome is huge. This BIG DATA is the raw material with which Semih Dogan works. He turns his gaze in this unlimited number of digits, delivered by the algorithms of his computer (incomprehensible to mere mortals), in order to detect the anomaly, the break.


Semih Dogan is a photographer. He explores the urban space. He walks fast, barely stops to photograph. He samples – in an obsessive and compulsive way – the city, fragments of the real. He collects them. By the thousands. He stores all these photographs like so many visual information, which he will have to sort and organize in sequences. His gaze decrypts, selects and associates images between them until they answer to each other. In this multitude, a dialogue of shapes and colors takes place. The BIG DATA CITY. A reality too complex to be embraced with one look. To summarize it is impossible. Then, the man observes the territory and is amused by this complexity. In return, the territory observes and seems to be amazed by these peculiar behaviors and strange rites.

By Lubjisa Danilovic